Tuesday, August 01, 2006

TV Quickie

I loved being on TV! Basically, I think I just like talking about myself! I'll give the full "Behind the Scenes" update tomorrow, but thank y'all for your support, the News @ 9 on My59 team was awesome. I did not get to meet Jenny Li, so I can't report whether or not she's cuter in person (as basically everyone else has), but I had a great time! I'd definitely go back. Really enjoyed it.

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Dan Dermody/Program Director, WIRL Radio, Peoria said...

Hey Eyebrows!! Really enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis, but, I missed your big TV debut. How's about posting a picture of yourself so we, who like myself, missed your TV appearance can see what ya really look like. And, by the way, I know Jenny Li...and, yes, she is a very pretty young lady in person. Tiny as can be..but, a real sweetheart.