Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Is Possibly the Greatest Thing I Have Ever Seen on the Internet. Ever.

It's a German children's book about where babies come from.

There's cartoon nudity (starting on the second screen), and a cartoon erection. I also now know the German words for penis, vagina, sperm, and breast.

The best scene is where the baby is pulling itself out the birth canal with a big grin on its face while the doctor and father stand there smiling. The doctor's medical equiptment miraculously changes from a reflex hammer to a stethoscope on the birthing pages. What exactly is he doing with that reflex hammer???

Best use of the internet EVER. EVER!


Anonymous said...

Why don't they show a picture of the mom? I bet she is not smiling!

C. J. Summers said...

None of my kids came out that way. Maybe things are different in Deutschland.

HeartShadow said...

I gotta say .. I'd love to have had the baby just crawl out while everyone hung around and chatted. that sounds perfect.

my memory must be fuzzy, though, 'cause I could swear that's not what happened .....

michael schurter said...

Evidently Germans posess some sort of advanced painless child birth technology.

Billy Dennis said...

Back in freshman advanced biology, they showed us a tape depicting how to deliver a child.

It was quite graphic.

But what I recall most was the instruction to "place your hand here to prevent explosive delivery."

I didn't just snicker. I bust out laughing.

I imagined a baby being shot out of there like a canon, complete with a bang, smoke and a flash of light, with the wet baby smacking against a wall.

pollypeoria said...

Okay, when a baby delievers face down, feet, or butt first it's called a breech birth. So, when a babe comes out arms first and doing the wave, what is that called?

When a woman in Germany gives birth, do they offer her an epidural or do they just put stout in her (and her doctor's, apparently) I.V.?

Just to show how odd I am, I will admit that the most disturbing/strange picture for me was the red, bubbly heart drawn on the volkswagon.

Belle said...

i found this link in Lollygaggin's group. Still laughing at this even after i stole it and sent it on to Mz Lolly her fine self. >>oops!

Decided that this group was worth a walk thru.. :-) going now to add it to favs... nice to meet'cha.
Belle from DesMoines.

Anonymous said...

Great page.
Baby emergent begs a "South Park" like caption.

Josh Harris said...

I saw both of our kids come out and neither one was smiling. Either was mom :)!