Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ripe Eggplant

We're getting ready for another burst of gardening activity. I have an 11-foot sunflower I'm going to get a picture of, and we're preparing to rip out the arugula and mustard greens, which have seeded and Mr. McGee has diligently prepared the seeds for winter storage to plant next year, so we can plant a fall crop of lettuce.

Meanwhile, the eggplant has come ripe, the melons (which are freaky to watch grow) have taken over all the paths and are growing nicely, and we continue to have more squash than we can possibly eat. Tomatoes, too.

We planted a mix of four varieties of eggplant. You can't tell which are which from the seeds, so we weren't sure what we'd get. So far, the white eggplants seem to be the winners, with the deep purple ones, the ones you're used to in the supermarket, a close second. So far none of the light purple ones, or the sort-of purply-mottled ones. But I guess the white fruits must have been the hardiest and the most suited to our soil. The white ones (Eggplant Crescent Moon) are HUGE bearers. Ridiculous numbers of fruits per plant.

Meantime, I've been down with a nasty little virus that's been going around. (Maybe the same one C.J. had?) Several other lawyers we know have it, so it's either because all the little folk went back to school and started their viral petri-dish mixing and mutating, bringing the results back home to the adults, or because God is finally punishing the lawyers. Either way, I just want to sleep and eat soup. And then sleep more.

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Anon E. Mouse said...

Zoup is guut, ya.