Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Eyebrows on TV Tonight!

Don't forget to catch me on News @ 9 on My59 tonight on channel 59 (broadcast) or channel 11 (cable) ... it's local UPN, whichever you use.

In the meantime, I am going to go spend several hours worrying about whether my hair is going to be supergigantic from the humidity for my TV unveiling!


Mahkno said...

What would be funny is if they kept the camera in the same narrow focus as the picture on your blog.

mapgirl said...

You were great! Very composed and telegenic! Congratulations. (When the piece started, I thought they might be taking mahkno's advice on camera shots ...) Can't wait to read the behind-the-scenes, and to see when the kegger is set.

The one thing I can't believe is they didn't put up your URL!!!!!


Scott J said...

It was a great interview. Good Job. Now we can point to you on the street and say, "Hey Eyebrows". Before, I would randomly say "Hey" to people I thought were you.

Pammy said...

Ya did good, kid!

Anon E. Mouse said...

I hadn't seen this version of the news before, but I had to tune in to see the unveiling of "Eyebrows."
You were the second best thing on the show.
The first was a a bunch of totally unexpected shots of my daughter during a piece before "Blog Bytes".

I'd grade you a solid "B" and you coulda (and shoulda) raised to to an easy "A" simply by mentioning the corn you grew from dirt.

Anonymous said...

Great job! Are you sure you haven't worked in TV before? You're a natural!

Anonymous said...

anon e.mouse your daughter is lavetta ricca?

Anon E. Mouse said...

No, my daughter is not Lavetta Ricca. My daughter is three years old and Levetta looks - uhm - somewhat older.
My daughter is also significantly cuter than Levetta, Jenny Li, or even Ms. McGee