Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Eyebrows Is Laura, but You Can Still Call Me Eyebrows

Update: You can catch video of half the interview at

I'm going to add an "about me" thingie to my left-hand blog index there, but that will require the assistance of my brilliant html buddy who has to show me how to do everything but insert links. In the meantime, you can read about me (and see a pic) on my professional website, here, or a little bit below:

Hi, I'm Laura Petelle. I'm 28, married, and I have two one-eyed cats. My husband, Garth Madison, is a litigator with Hinshaw & Culbertson. He is also a total hottie. As for my cats, Orange Cat, who is named Sherman, is also diabetic and has no tail. This makes the neurotic Grey Cat, who is named Jack, seem downright normal by comparison. In real life, I am a self-employed lawyer (you can read about all that on my professional website). But I have a lot of non-law interests, many of which I get to exercise here on my blog. I'm active in the Junior League of Peoria. In my free time, I like to garden, embroider, and theologize. And read to excess.

I grew up outside Chicago, as the oldest of four children. I went to Notre Dame (Go Irish!), where I majored in Government and International Studies (their fancy name for poli sci) and in Theology. I worked all four years on Notre Dame's independent student daily, The Observer, serving as assistant managing editor my senior year. That's where I started writing first-person opinion columns. I won ICPA awards for feature writing, news writing, editorial writing, and column writing. I also have some national awards around here somewhere from the national collegiate press association, but to be honest, there was a lot of drinking that weekend. Also, with IU-Bloomington, Ball State, and Notre Dame all running excellent college papers in Indiana, I thought the Indiana state awards were more impressive. My years at The Observer were marked by some seriously awesome student journalists (including Peoria photographer Nellie Gould), many of whom have gone on to work at major metros and win professional awards very early in their careers. I was extremely lucky to work with student journalists who were so high-caliber; they taught me everything I know.

After college, I enrolled at Duke University (which generously gave me a law scholarship funded through the Gates Foundation. I have nothing bad to say about Windows ever.) in their law and divinity schools, where I continued writing first-person opinion columns for a variety of Duke student and alumni publications. In my four years there, I met my husband, and earned a law degree (JD) and a Master of Theological Studies (MTS). My master's thesis was on pregnancy in historical and modern Judeo-Christian liturgy. I finished up in 2004, took the Illinois bar exam, and here I am! My blog really gives me an outlet for continuing to write those first-person opinion pieces I love to do.

A double handful of my favorite blog entries from the past are below, for anybody just dropping by for the first time who wants to get the flavor of the site.

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And the post that kicked off the unveiling, the Eyebrows McGee Peoria PlayHouse Challenge!


Jessamyn said...

Hey Eyebrows, I saw you on MY59 the other day!

Anonymous said...

Your interview was great. It is unfortunate that many of the viewers have not found or read the "Peoria" bloggers. I enjoy reading them on a daily basis. It gives you a true sense of the community. Just like the best show on TV the Peoria City Council meetings. Thanks for the thoughts and insights.
B'Ville Benny

JasonS said...

Furry-Eyed Person:

All that and you play bass! So God does make intelligent bassists. Who knew?