Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blogger Mini-Bash Is Cool; Mr. McGee Is Hot

So I had a great time at the mini-blogger-bash, even though Castle Patio (aka "the cheese bar") was so smokey I had to stand 12 feet away from my husband and cats when I got home because they didn't want to smell me. A small price to pay for good conversation. The other bloggers there accused me of raising the entire tone of the bar by ordering white wine, which I confess I did, but during allergy season, the only things I can drink without splitting headaches are white wine, gin, and vodka. I promise, during winter, I'll beer it up.

I got to discuss/argue theology with C.J., which is the kind of thing that always puts me in a good mood. I'm looking forward to discussing theology with C.J. NOT in a bar setting, so he can realize it's not that I drink too much, it's that I can't say multisyllabic words without tripping over my own tongue no matter HOW sober I am, and theology just involves a lot of them. I'm starting to worry he thinks I'm a lush since both times I've met him in person, we've been at bars, we've discussed theology, and I've said "pneumamto- pneumtato- pneumatological" and so forth. There are actually certain words that when I get to them in stories, I turn to Mr. McGee and make him say them for me. He just does it better.

Speaking of Mr. McGee, everyone was sorry he didn't join me. He threw his back/neck out yesterday and spent most of today flat on his back staring at the ceiling. Mapgirl said she'd been wanting to see if he was as hot as I claimed (I of course insisted he was), which reminded me of a conversation I had the other day. I was instant messaging with a pre-marital friend of mine who's never actually met my husband, because said friend couldn't attend my wedding and lives far away. I said something about Mr. McGee, and my friend asked what he looks like.

"Have I never told you? Or showed you a picture?" I asked.

"No," my friend said. "All you ever say is that he has a nice ass."

Well ... I guess I do. But he does!


Emtronics said...

Sorry about the smokes. I wish I knew, I would have tossed them.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Quite all right! It wasn't anyone in particular; it was that the bar was particularly smokey tonight. Sometimes you barely notice the smoke at Castle Patio, other times I feel like I have to shower when I get home!

It certainly didn't bother me in the bar; I only noticed when I got home and I was like, "Hrm ... hair all smokey."

Plus, as we've all discussed many many times on Chef Kevin's blog now, you don't go to a bar if you don't expect smoke. :)

PeoriaIllinoisan said...

Once the smoking ban passes (and I think it will eventually) you won't have to deal with me and emtronics- we'll step outside.

But seriously, it was nice to meet you and it's fun to put a face and voice to a blogger. As I posted on Midwest Confidential, these get-togethers should happen more often.

C. J. Summers said...

That was fun! Glad you could make it despite your incapacitated spouse. Strangely, my wife didn't complain about me being smokey at all. That must be because I was in the corner all night.... I'm always up for debating religion. Good fun now that nobody gets burned at the stake for it anymore....

mapgirl said...

Wine and cheese takes on a whole new meaning at the Castle. It was a blast -- can't wait to do it again.

Speedy recovery to your hot husband.


Eyebrows McGee said...

I swear the smoke sticks in my hair because my hair's so thick. I really don't mind "social smoking"; I just always have to wash it out of my hair when I get home!

When I was in college all my social-smoking friends exhaled away from my hair. Weren't they sweet?

It was great to see everyone! And my incapacitated spouse seems to have entertained himself well with TiVo and a nice fat hardback novel.

Chef Kevin said...

One of these times I'm going to make a blogger bash. I taught a cooking class tonight and was trying to push it along as fast as possible. However, judging from the time of these posts, I wasn't pushing fast enough anyway.

Oh,well. Enjoyed some jazz and Sam Adams at Panache for a substitute.

Billy Dennis said...

The greatest regret of my life is that I didn't get to meet you and Mapgirl.


And I would never, ever, dare debate religion with C.J.

First: He knows more about the subject.

Second: He would walk away convinced I am doomed to the fires of Hell for all eternity, and that it would probably be safer for all concerned to just burn me at the stake now.

BJ Aberle said...

Ok....I am so there for the next bash.