Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Sorry for the lack of bloggage over the last few days. I've been worn out by the excitement of the last couple weeks (TV appearances, nutty neighbors, etc.) and spending some quality napping time with my husband and cats.

Meanwhile, I'm buried in tomatoes, still waiting for my now-9-foot-tall sunflower to bloom, and wondering why my compost won't hurry the heck up and finish composting. I'm also being a little annoyed that it's time to start another round of marketing my law firm (like so many small business owners, I didn't realize going in how much marketing would be involved - I just want to do the work) and a little panicky that I have to fly through Heathrow in a couple weeks. As if Heathrow wasn't a pain in the butt before. How can a nation with the world's most efficient bus system run such a nightmarishly slow and ill-designed airport?

Grey Cat has learned a few new tricks, among them what we have dubbed "The Launch Pad Game," where he curls up purring on top of your sleeping chest or back for 30 seconds, then launches all 20 lbs. of him off you onto nearby furniture. Then comes back and does it again. After two weeks of this, it occurred to us that if we slept the other way around, he couldn't get to any furniture from our torsos, and the problem has been solved. (Although sleeping backwards is terribly disorienting.)

Grey Cat is always extra crazy when the weather changes, particularly when summer turns into fall, so he's been running around like a demon-posessed furball for the last couple weeks, getting into everything, from the refrigerator to Orange Cat's face. Orange Cat actually laid the smack down pretty seriously the other day when Grey Cat was messing with him. Orange Cat only has one tooth, and he put it to good use BITING GREY CAT'S EAR, which was a first. Grey Cat has been prudently avoiding Orange Cat since, so Orange Cat is moping, because NOW he wants to play-wrestle with Grey Cat, but Grey Cat fears The Tooth.

I think peace negotiations are in the works, though -- I saw them napping just 10 inches apart from one another, rather than on opposite sides of the couch, and they seem to be scooting closer every naptime to being back to their usual shared pile of fur.


Anon E. Mouse said...

The wifey is saucing and salsa'ing all of my homegrown 'maters. If yours need a good home, let me know.

Mahkno said...

You need to learn how to 'can' your tomatoes. Then in the darkest, coldest day of winter you can pull out a jar and taste a little bit of warm summer sunshine.

Anonymous said...

If you check out today's Journal Star there are tomato recipes, including a yummy sounding panzanella recipe and one for roasting tomatoes.