Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Best Question I Have Heard All Month

A propos of my invocation of Godwin's Law the other day, I wondered to a friend of mine, via e-mail, what people called each other before they called each other Nazis as a conversation-ending super-insult.

She replied, "I always wonder what noises little boys made before the industrial revolution. In my house it's all vroom, boom, bang, etc."

This is a great question. Did they make thunder noises? Blacksmith noises? Animal noises? What DID little boys do for noise before there were machine, gun, and engine noises to mimic?


HeartShadow said...

sword noises, maybe? a nice /shing/ sound?

or arrows?

and never doubt the joy of hitting a wooden spoon on a nice pan ... :D

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I think they made the same noises, we would have just interpreted them differently, as something appropriate to the time.

JasonS said...

Um...I seem to remember making a lot of, well, human noises. I imagine those have always been quite popular.

caryatid said...

Boys make noise. I don't think it really needs to resemble anything, they just have this genetic need to constanly make any sort of noise they can possibly produce with any (and every) part of their body.

The noises probably went along with some sort of method of destruction. If boys aren't breaking something then they are usually either /pretending/ to break something, or carefully building something huge and intricate (tower of blocks maybe) in order to break it.

BJ Aberle said...

Probably fart noises. Those are timeless and never stop being funny for guys.