Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some People Are REALLY. MEAN.

Today, just for a change of pace, my husband knocked 24 oz. of diet soda over on me right as we sat down for lunch at a local restaurant. (Typically I do the spilling.) Fortunately, the restaurant was close to home, so I went home and changed while he ordered. I was wet from the skin out, and I think my shoes are ruined -- I'm not sure the sticky will come off and they're not really "washable" (or even "spot cleanable"). My Gucci purse, fortunately, was spared.

So I'm inordinately upset, heading to the parking lot, UTTERLY SOAKED, and some JACKASSES in the parking lot opted to POINT AND LAUGH AT ME, as if being soaked to the skin wasn't enough humiliation. I don't know what their problem was, because they were full-grown adults. (If I was 9, I probably would have found it amusing, too, but adults should have some friggin' SYMPATHY.) It really ticked me off and hurt my feelings.

Mr. McGee offered to beat them up for me, but I didn't think that would end in my shoes being saved from destruction, which was really my main goal here, so I declined. But I'm still really ticked about those jerks laughing.

The whole thing has put a Cloud of Grump over my afternoon. I hope they all get boils on their asses or something equally painful and embarassing.


Mick said...

Hang in there. Those who laugh at the expense of another’s accident or embarrassment are often in deep despair or discontent. What sort of car was it? Old?, rusty?, new?, what age was the person?

Anonymous said...

There is but ONE thing that can remove a "Cloud of Grump" - and that is --

Oh, I really shouldn't say.

Just remember to count to three. Not four.

Five is right out.

Anon E. Mouse

Eyebrows McGee said...

bwah ha ha ha ha! HOLY HAND GRENADE!

I have relocated my sense of humor, although I'm still annoyed about full-grown adults laughing at me. You're only allowed to laugh openly if you're also helping and trying very hard to stifle the laughing.

Being clumsy, I don't mind a laugh at my expense, but this was really a very nasty sort of mockery. Very junior high school lunchroom.

Oh well. The restaurant staff were very nice and nothing but my shoes and pride suffered permanent damage.

O'Brien's Briar Patch said...

I'll bet it was Vonster! That is something he would do.

pollypeoria said...

Eybrows, I know these twits! They are bitter and jealous because they are remain virgins well into their forties and know full well they'd never have a shot with a Pepsi soaked babe like yourself. I'll stop by and smack the crap out of them on my way home for you, it's time I ramped up my cardio anyway.