Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Most Exciting Thing I Have Ever Done Fully Clothed


That's right, we had our first ripe sweet corn ears last night! Kernel development was fantastic! (I'll post pictures later.) And the corn tasted like SUNSHINE fresh off the stalk! And I just can't get over the fact that I MADE CORN FROM DIRT! Or the fact that that tiny little kernel I planted has all the genetic programming data to grow a super-gigantic stalk and make ears of corn!

I'm so delightedly boggled that I'm still grinning this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, my dear.
This year it was a 4x4 plot, next year it will be a half-acre.

Find something that tastes yummy and that you are good at growing and stick with it! It is how my one 8' row of potatoes turned into five rows this year and next year might just be an entire 8'sq plot of nothing but spuds.

The red Norlands have all been eaten and I don't think the row of Yukons will be ready for another 2 weeks.
I guess we can spend the time wisely by gearing of for SALSA TIME!

Anon E. Mouse