Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hip-Hop Eyebrows. Or Not.

I got a hip-hop exercise video.

I have discovered that I am not funky.

Like, desperately unfunky. Twitchy hyperactive squirrel with motor control problems unfunky.

It's bad.


Steve [com W] said...

Sounds like an average hip hop dancer to me

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the un-funky club. I have been un-funky all my life. However, I have learned you can still be a semi-productive member of society without any funkiness at all.

Anon E. Mouse

pollypeoria said...

Knowing that I am pathetically uncoordinated, I tried a step aerobics class onnce. I thought the sound of everyone pounding on their step would help me keep in time. Har. I got confused between looking at the instructor and the wall of mirrors. It was rather sad - in a Saturday Night Live skit sort of way.