Monday, July 17, 2006

Eyebrows McGee Peoria PlayHouse Challenge Update

Hey blogerinos, it's time to get serious!

The Eyebrows McGee Peoria PlayHouse Challenge has raised about 1/4 of its goal, so it's time to kick it into high gear. We've gotten donations from as far away as England and as nearby as two houses down from Eyebrows; from everyone from total strangers to Eyebrows's godmother.

This blog now registers about 200 daily readers (more on days I'm funny), so that's only $5 each to reach the $1000 goal!

I'd also like to appeal to other local bloggers to give the Challenge a shoutout on their blogs, for the following excellent reasons:

CJ is looking for more positive things to post about; the PlayHouse is definitely a positive thing AND isn't even eating up any greenspace in Glen Oak Park since it's using a pre-existing building! (Also, CJ is going to be on TV Tuesday, so everyone should watch, as I intend to if a) channel 59 is coming in on my rabbit ears and b) I'm not too dopey to figure out how the TV works, since I'm having massive allergy testing done Tuesday morning.)

Billy's already done me a solid, but I think he owes me a second one, if only for making me call him Billy (which I am doing diligently), which causes me an uncomfortable level of cognitive dissonance because, well, I don't know any other grown-ups named Billy. I can't find any with a quick wikipedia search, although I have discovered there is a Bosnian rapper named Billy. Who knew?

Lolly has a grandkid (a superfantastically cute grandkid!) and she's gotta have things to do with the grandkid!

Polly seems to have abandoned us, but in case she's looking for post fodder to end her drought, she can give the Challenge a shout-out!

Chef Kevin (who hilariously suggests in the header for his new Culinary Hotline blog that if you have a culinary emergency, you call the fire department and "request they bring the big hose!!") has already done some stuff with the Junior League, involving liquor, I'm told, so hopefully he doesn't mind doing one more thing.

Common Sense Peoria Dude because, well, this museum is just common sense for Peoria, dude!

BJStone as karmic atonement for his almost-wreck; BJ Aberle because it's privately - not governmentally - funded, so it won't conflict with his conservative ideals.

O'Brien at the Briar Patch because it would be another Good Thing to Do. Also because I promise to tell him my story about the crazy Neil Young groupie. :)

And it'll give P-Snark a chance to help fix what's wrong with Peoria. Or at least to title a post "What's Right with Peoria."

Rally Peoria because she's enormously committed to the future of Peoria's children, and here's a chance to help do something good for them by giving me a shoutout!

I can't think of any really good reason why Dave Jordan over at the Peoria Transportation Blog should give the Challenge a shoutout except that I diligently read him even though I NEVER HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT and it makes my head spin, so I should get points (and a shoutout!) for trying.

Willy Nilly because it'd give him something to post about other than Aaron Schock. (Whom I admit kinda creeps me out, but probably because I once had this creepy dude who looked like him sort-of stalking me, even though he we called him the "Teutonic Imp," and even though he told me to my face that women should only get college educations to help their kids read better and got the predictable response, and even though he was an ultraconservative who said people should accept no help from anyone but be entirely self-made and then clammed up and got really offended when I asked him where his Porsche came from (the answer: daddy). He STILL wanted to date me. And he looked an awful lot like Schock so pictures of him always give me the willies. The Willy Nillys, even.)

Angie shares my dorky inclinations, so I know she's just dying to give the Challenge a shoutout!

And PeoriaIllinoisian is already the PlayHouse's biggest supporter with a Y chromosome. I probably don't even need to ask. :)

So there you go. I expect the shout-outs (and donations) to roll in! It's getting hot under my unabomber hood and glasses (in this horrific humid heat that WILL NOT BREAK) trying to hide my identity, so let's get this done so I can get out of this closet!


C. J. Summers said...

If you're getting 200 hits a day, I don't know that my little site is going to help you much, but I'll see what I can do....

PeoriaIllinoisan said...

I would suggest that a donation is also a vote of historic preservation which is very important to me. When the park district offices move out of the Pavillion Building, which they were going to do regardless, what would happen to that beautiful place? Nobody knows, of course, but what we do know is that now there is a vested interest in keeping up the building, and we can be assured that it will keep it's historical integrity, in a similar fashion that the Junior League maintains it's historic headquarters on Randolph. The inside will change of course, but it's been pretty much gutted already over the years.

...and your donation is tax deductable...

Pammy said...

Shoutout well and properly blogged. I had intended to do it a couple weeks ago...but...well...ahh, go read it.