Friday, July 28, 2006

Eyebrows Is Bemused by Time

My youngest brother is turning 17 this weekend, which has me a little bemused because in my head, he's 4. (My older-younger brother is variantly 2 or 12, and my sister is 6. In my head. They're really 26 and 22.) I guess I'm getting to the part of life where time goes faster than you expect it to, which I guess means I now qualify as a full-grown adult. I expect to begin wheezing about the good old days shortly.

My forebrain knows that my siblings are 26, 22, and almost-17, but somewhere in my lizard brain, time has stopped and they're at these emblematic ages from my childhood. This frequently causes me to worry about them more than is strictly necessary: My older-younger brother is a Cook Country prosecutor and WHY ARE THEY LETTING 12-YEAR-OLDS PROSECUTE MURDERERS???? HE'S TOO IMPRESSIONABLE!!! SOMEONE GIVE HIM COOKIES, STAT!

It's not that I'm being like, "Oh my God, I can't believe he's 17!" about my brother's birthday. I can believe it; I watched most of it. I'm just a little bemused by it, because even more amazing than corn growing to 8 feet from a tiny kernel is that squally little red babies grow up to be people.


Star said...

Tell me about it. My little bro (the one and only) turned 23 on Monday. Twenty-three! Isn't he still, like, fifteen??

HeartShadow said...

heck, I'm still surprised my OLDER brother isn't about twelve. Somehow the fact that he's older than me shouldn't mean he's actually STILL older than me.

the fact that he's a father of two just baffles me senseless. who let HIM breed? He's too young!

Pammy said...

I reeeeally hate to sound like my mother, but if you think it's bad now, just wait 'til your MY age.

On second thought, you might be closer than I think...after all...I'm only 35, right? hehe

Darkhawk said...

My brother is still the same age in my head as he was when I left for college: fourteen.

Which means I'm only a decade off. ;)

dewayne said...

Wait until you have kids.
Then time really starts flying.
Mine are 25, 23, and 21.
They are all still four in my head.
They all have kids.
How is that possible?

Edgar said...

I feel the same way... my sister is 31 and a physical therapist... my brother is 28 and a chef, but in my head they're still in high school.