Sunday, June 11, 2006

Weekend Garden Tidbits

We've had a very social past few days (when it hasn't been raining!), since we've been working in the garden, the neighbors on one side have been painting their house (the longest side of which faces our house and backyard), and the neighbors on the other have been trying to run their two-year-old out of steam in the backyard. This makes for quality backyard socializing over cheap white wine (well, for the chicks, anyway).

My intrepid husband is installing fencing behind our kitchen garden, marking off the back of the yard, which is all still grass and un-landscaped. We're hoping to get a dog this month (I have been the slow link in that chain, but now that we've got a local serial criminal making the rounds, I'm entirely on board.), so we're putting in a fenced area where she can run. Or where we can put her when we get tired of the cats screaming bloody murder about the canine interloper to their peaceful lives. Whichever.

I was out weeding my veggie garden on Friday afternoon when some 12-year-old boys who live in the neighborhood cut through my back yard. "Hi." "Hi." "Hi," they all intoned, one after the next, all monosyllabic and proto-teenagery, embarassed to be caught shortcutting. Then one of them stopped and said, "Your garden is beautiful! How long have you been working on it?"

Best compliment ever. I made a 12-year-old boy use the word "beautiful."


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