Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Circle of Hell - Hell's 10th - Created to Contain I-55

... where today, going southbound, both lanes were closed completely for nearly two hours due to another fatal accident that blocked the entire roadway. This time there was no way off the highway, so there was no inching, just sitting there with our 5,000 closest friends, cars turned off.

We did meet some interesting people waiting and chatting and walking around the interstate/parking lot. But we spent 11-12 hours in the car this weekend for a round trip that at its WORST should take six hours. (And frankly after that much quality marital time stuck in a tiny car with Mr. McGee ... well, it's a testament to the strength of our marriage, and I want a solo spa vacation.)


mapgirl said...

There was a lot of talk in my office today about the woes of I-55. It did sound horrible. Thank goodness you didn't have any car trouble. Hey, there is a new spa opening in Peoria. I'm not really a spa type of gal but I met the owner recently and I appreciated her enthusiasm about her new endeavor. It's called Five Senses Spa (I think) and features Aveda products. It's ... where else? ... in the Shoppes at Grand Prairie area. Check it out -- you've earned it.


brian said...

You should buy a bigger car :)

In LA right after it rains for the first time in the season the roads look like an action movie waste land....skid marks, debris, over turned vehicles. There's usually no point in going anywhere cause you won't get anywhere.

There's a short movie out there on atom films or something like that called 405 should watch it and laugh with the knowledge that the 405 is grid locked all day every day.....

and if it makes you feel better it once took me 13 hours to get across the state of Indiana