Monday, June 26, 2006

In Which I Take Myself Too Seriously

Nothing really funny or outrageous has been happening to me lately, which means I'm either too stressed with work, or taking myself too seriously, or some combination of the two. It results in a serious dearth of blog stories.

The only funny thing that happened to me at ALL this weekend was that I had to use my asthma inhaler for the first time since leaving the South. Since it's been two and a half years now, I forgot how hyper those inhaled steroids make me. I loaded the dishwasher in 15 seconds flat, then issued a long string of instructions to my husband at such a high rate of speed that he just stared at me, and finally said, "I think you said something about waking up before 8 tomorrow?" Then I had to concentrate really hard on NOT talking, because I suddenly had an awful lot of utterly meaningless stuff I wanted to say (and God knows I have to save that for my blog!) as fast as I could get the ultraprecise words out of my mouth, which was pretty darned fast at that point, and I didn't think Mr. McGee wanted to listen to me rattle on at 400 wpm for an hour or two.

If my life doesn't lighten up soon, I may have to take up streaking or croquet or something. I'm feeling seriously deprived in the wacky department.


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HeartShadow said...

hmmmm .... can we put in votes? 'cause I'm voting for the streaking ..... :D

Phoibos said...

Are you sure it's a steroid inhaler? Most emergency/rescue type inhalers are based on albuterol, and that stuff is a stimulant (as my recently brought back under control blood pressure will attest to). Steroids are long term meds, and should not be stimulant to you.

Regardless, I highly recommend streaking as a new hobby. Perhaps combined with croquet. Perhaps you could start a coed full-contact nude croquet club?