Monday, June 26, 2006

Four-Day Heartbreak

Mr. McGee and I have been looking for a dog for some time, and he found one he absolutely fell in love with. I had misgivings that she was too large (70 lbs.) and boisterous, but I agreed to have The Dog come for a trial week, to see if she would eat the cats for lunch.

She arrived on Friday afternoon, and by Saturday morning I was already a goner. She only had two settings, Rambunctious and Off, and she had an utterly charming way of scooting/crawling forward when trying to get good and stretched out. She had a patch over one eye that gave her a real dopey look, and a sprinkle of freckles on her nose. She had a curly tail like a sled dog, but she was a true mutt. She had four entirely different types of fur on her. She wasn't even a mix; she was apparently just patched together from different dog bits like Frankenstein's monster. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and I fell in love.

By today it was clear that I was too allergic to The Dog for us to keep her. "Maybe a poodle, or a labradoodle," friends suggested. "My friend's son is allergic, and he has one." "Maybe shots - maybe a different antihistamine - maybe a HEPA filter."

Maybe. But Maybe isn't The Dog, and when The Dog's foster family came to take her back from us, I bawled like a baby and made sure she'd packed her rawhide bone, the only toy we'd had a chance to buy for her before she left.

I didn't know hearts could break in just four days.


Mahkno said...

I too am allergic to dogs.. and cats... as a kid, we had a mixed scottish terrier-poodle. It worked out well. We had to shear our little dog like a sheep every few months. It came off like wool too. Good for the noggin.

Pammy said...

Awww...I'm so sorry.

Angie said...

Puppy dogs should all be hypo-allergenic, just like earrings. It's just not fair.