Friday, June 09, 2006

The Eyebrows McGee/Peoria PlayHouse Challenge!

As y'all have probably gathered from my posts, I'm involved with the Junior League of Peoria, which is currently working to bring a top-notch children's museum, the Peoria PlayHouse, to the old administration building (Pavilion) in Glen Oak Park, to open in 2008. I came to Peoria and joined the League after the plans for the Peoria PlayHouse were already in motion, and I haven't actually served on any of its constituent committees, which is to say I have no particular ego investment in the museum, so you may take me at face value when I say:


There weren't too many children's museums around when most of us who are now adults were children, so you may not be familiar with the TRUE AWESOME FUNNESS that is a children's museum. When I was in law school, we had Barrister's Ball at a children's museum in North Carolina one year, and it ROCKED. There we were, all 22 and older, and instead of dancing to the really quite good DJ's music, we were all playing with the exhibits and learning about bugs and cyclones. There's just something really, really satisfying and interesting and enjoyable about getting your hands on something you can manipulate. And, for me anyway, learning weird-ass facts about the world. Which makes me happy in any format.

So it took me a while to get around to reading the master plan, which you can see in PDF format here, or you can take a look just at the exhibit blurbs in html format here. That is when I realized the true awesomeness of the Playhouse because, HELLO!, sand porch! No, but seriously, the amount of work and thought that's gone into this master plan - down to the color scheme - boggles my mind and the exhibits look FUN. I am already trying to think of what kids I know who will be the right age in 2008 for me to steal them from their parents to take to the PlayHouse so I don't look like a TOTAL dork playing with all the exhibits.

So what does all of this mean to you?

Well, now that I've seen the master plan, and now that I REALLY want to play on the sand porch and in the VACUUM ROOM!, I've been wracking my brains to think of a way that I can do my part. You see, the Peoria PlayHouse, unlike a lot of other cultural initiatives currently underway in Peoria, is being built entirely with private donations - no tax dollars.

So I challenge YOU, Eyebrows McGee readers, relatives, and the Peoria blogging community, to raise $1000 for the Peoria PlayHouse by the end of July. If you do, I will drop the cloak of anonymity, arrange a blogger bash, and I will COME OUT. Perhaps wearing a ridiculous hat. Perhaps singing karaoke. The more money you raise, the more willing I will be to make an ass of myself in public for your amusement. But regardless, if you raise $1000 for the PlayHouse by the end of July, the true identity of Eyebrows McGee shall be revealed to the world. And there shall be beer.

This shouldn't be too hard - this blog gets at least 100 unique hits on a day when I post. Bill Dennis at Peoria Pundit, who loathes anonymous bloggers and can't stand not knowing who we are, says he gets 1,000. If every one of my readers donated $10, or everyone one of Bill donates $1, you're already there, blogerinos! Can you spare $100 for the education/fun-having of our local children? Only 10 of you need to do that!

So there's your incentive, Peoria blogging community - direct your readers to donate! The more interest you generate in the PlayHouse (and since the Peoria blogging community of bloggers and readers is actively involved in Peoria, I really want to get you all interested in the PlayHouse, and generate some publicity for it here online!), the more donators the Eyebrows McGee challenge will get, and the closer you will get to discovering my Clark-Kent mundane identity. And, well, beer. (Raise enough, and I will BUY the beer!)

I'll post reminders throughout the challenge, until the end of July, in among my regular posting about husbands, gardens, and things that annoy me.

There are three ways to donate:

First, you can donate via PayPal (find the button here).

Second, you can write a check

or Third, you can make a pledge,

in either of those two cases, get the form HERE .

When you donate, note that you're donating for the Eyebrows McGee Challenge. All donations are tax deductible. The PPH donations folks are going to do their best to keep track of Challenge donations, but to be safe you can also e-mail me (link on the upper left there) or post in response to any of my posts (which e-mails me) and let me know the amount you donated, so we'll have two tallies.

So get on it! Get donating! Get publicizing! I AM DYING TO PLAY ON THE SAND PORCH! You'll be serving not only the children of Central Illinois, but my insatiable need to build sand castles.


PeoriaIllinoisan said...

Eyebrows, as you know this is also near to my heart, I will officially kick off the challenge with the first donation.

Would a blogger bash keg party at the BHH be inappropriate, because it sounds good to me!

Eyebrows McGee said...

I was totally thinking blogger bash keg party at the BHH!

Steve [com W] said...


Bill Dennis said...

Bill Dennis does NOT hate anonymous bloggers. I am not even opposed to anonymous blogging. I encourage folks to post with their own name, but I recognize that some folks have good reason to remain anonymous.

That's why I do not expose the identity of anonymous bloggers whose identities I have long ago deduced.

Carry on, and good luck with the PlayHouse Challenge.

Eyebrows McGee said...

I mock because I care. :)

I may be the 2nd worst-kept secret in Peoria, but at least this way my coming out raises money for a good cause and ends in beer!