Monday, June 05, 2006

Choosing the Right Vegetable for You: 2 a.m. Edition

Late last night, when I rose from my bed to worship the porcelain goddess intermittently for approximately two and a half hours, I had a headache that would kill a horse, which was really not helping with the nausea. I tried pressure points. I tried what tylenol I could keep down. I tried dark and quiet, even unplugging appliances and turning off clocks so my bat-hearing didn't have to listen to the hum of electricity or tick-tick-tick of the second hand. What finally brought some relief was a cold compress on my forehead or the back of my neck, so I decided it would help even MORE if I had a COLDER compress.

But I didn't have any ice on hand, and I couldn't find any icepacks in the freezer. About to despair, I remembered that I'd read people sometimes use packages of frozen peas to ice injuries and so forth. So I stumbled back to the freezer and, in the dark (light was piercing my brain with lances of searing pain), tried to find something vegetable-related to use as an icepack.

First I pulled out frozen chopped onions, and I thought (in a much clumsier and less-coherent fashion than here reported), "Erm, no. Might reek of onions if they thawed. That'd be bad."

Broccoli florets? "Maybe but ..." Squeeze package. "No, those don't seem comfortable -- too many big chunks and pokey bits."

Rummage rummage rummage - "Aha! CORN NIBLETS!"

Perfect. Is there anything corn CAN'T do?


pollypeoria said...

Frozen peas work really well too. So, um, can you actually eat said vegetables after they defrost and are re-frozen? Seems a little gross, but as long as the package remains securely sealed, I can't think of any sanitary issues.

When I get a migrane I sink into a bathtub of freezing cold water with the lights off. Slippery, dark bathroom... there's a lawsuit in there somewhere. Anyway, works wonders.

Headache, puking, sensitivity to light and sound... classic migrane symptoms. Is this an abberation or does this happen occassionally? Check the calendar, and/or moon phases- where are you in your cycle?

Interesting that this has struck while you are "vacationing." A lot of migranes are termed "coming down headaches." They occurr after a stressful event. In college I would always celebrate the conclusion of final exams huddled in the fetal position on the cold dormitory bathroom tile, while alternating between moaning, puking, and praying for death.

I thank God everyday for Imitrex injections. Very expensive, but very, very, good. Imitrex in pill form doesn't work so well... can't keep it down. The Imitrex nose spray didn't do much for me either. If you can't deal with giving yourself a shot, you probably don't have a migrane. When I get an attack, I'm would be willing to give myself a shot in the eye.

Anyway, God bless and heal you and I hope you recover soon. This vacation really sucks, by the way.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Thanks for the good thoughts. I don't THINK it was a migraine - my "family medical dictionary" and the magic of google suggest the headache part was a tension headache, and I think it was separate from the stomach issue (or caused by it). It also improved a lot after I totally cleared my stomach, so I'm blaming the food (or a virus) for now!

This was the first time I've ever had that kind of headache. If it happens ever again, I'll probably have to talk to the doctor about it. I definitely did consider calling the 24-hour triage nurse lady for a while there.

(And technically, the vacation is over, although I only did about two hours of work today and only because I absolutely had to!)

Angie said...


May I suggest getting a prescription of Midrin to keep on hand? My migraine/tension headaches are so bad that the DVD player has to be covered so the piercing light doesn't make me go crazy. Midrin knocks you out relatively quickly so you can sleep it away.