Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I am on vacation this week, although the kind of vacation you take in your own backyard. I realized I hadn't had a real break in the two years I've been working on starting my own business, and this may account for why my brain has fizzled into nothingness. So with no pressing deadlines and a short week anyway, this seemed like a good time to hide from the world for a few days.

Unfortunately, I've never been very good at relaxing. My vacation is a mere 9 hours old, and all I've managed to do is sleep in for an hour. And then think, "Boy, I should clean the kitchen, and go to Menard's for some chickenwire for the garden, and this would be a great chance to finish my quilt and catch up on some work."

NO NO NO, brain! BAD BRAIN! We're supposed to be reading fun books and watching trashy daytime television or lying in the hammock! Not cleaning! Not shopping! AND CERTAINLY NOT WORKING!

It'll be interesting to see how long I actually manage to relax.

PS - one task I WILL be completing during my vacation is an update of my templates to include more Peoria bloggers on the links section there. I read a great many of you daily and have for some time now; I'm just rotten with html so I always have to work up to updating the template!

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C. J. Summers said...

What better way to relax than coming out to a blogger bash? Like tonight.... at 8.... at Whitey's.... Come on, you know you want to go! :-)