Sunday, May 21, 2006

This Does Not Look Like A Ball

I am trying to improve my knitting skills, which are currently limited to baby booties and misshapen winter hats, so I got this kit for knitting cat toys (at Target) and today I managed two of the little toys. First I knitted a fish, on the left there, which you can see is loosely and rather poorly knit. I improved on the second toys, a ball with a tail. But the ball isn't really all that ball-shaped, and it really looks like nothing so much as ... as sperm.

But regardless of the shape of the alleged ball, I'm not sure I've ever knitted anything with quite as much immediate gratification. Because the cats went crazy for them as soon as I finished and were chasing them and carrying them around and fighting over them. I felt so loved and useful.

Grey Cat with Fish:

Orange Cat with Ball:

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