Friday, May 19, 2006

In Which I Migrate Outdoors, With Cats

Following up on my rubeishness of yesterday, today I went to Farm & Fleet where I did indeed find value, but not the sort of rabbit fencing I was looking for. Farm & Fleet - I'm unsure whether they mean a fleet of boats or a fleet of trucks, but I think trucks - is sort-of like if Home Depot and K-Mart had a love child who was really, really interested in livestock. You can get your clothes, housewares, building supplies, plumbing do-dads, and cow feed all in one place.

What I actually got was a puppy crate, since Grey Cat screams at the top of his lungs when we go out in the backyard. It's distracting and it really ruins any attempt to have a gin & tonic on the patio. My mission was successful; Grey Cat and Orange Cat both are now happily ensconced in their puppy crate in the back yard, eating clover and watching the wildlife.

They have managed to "tree" a particularly dumb chipmunk, who went in the downspout to get a drink and now, because he sees the cats, is terrified to come out. They've been staring at him for the last twenty minutes because they know he's food, but they know they can't get to him. He's been staring and twitching for equally as long, unaware that they're caged.

In somewhat related news, I can bring you the cat/chipmunk saga as it's occurring since my husband insisted we get a wireless router and I am actually blogging from the great outdoors. (Or at least from as much of the great outdoors as I can see from my patio.) And all I can think is, "ISN'T TECHNOLOGY COOL????"

(Update: Chipmunk still trapped. Cats still fascinated.)


Dana (caryatid) said...

I'm glad they can finally join you. Now maybe the terrorist torturing will stop.

A friend of mine built the coolest cat play yard off their back door. Granted, their cats aren't near as psycho as Grey Cat, but they are still fairly nuts.

It is the neatest thing! She took a dog run and put it against the front door (after removing that side). They covered the top with chicken wire and used the bamboo screen stuff to cover parts of it for shade.

I want one! :)

LyricFox said...
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Eyebrows McGee said...

Whoops, that comment got eaten when i was switching computers and must have hit something funny. Sorry!