Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Call for Help

I dropped by Menard's today where, yes, I saved big money. For those of you not from the midwest, Menard's is like Lowe's or Home Depot, but twice the size, half the service, and therefore much cheaper. Also, it has a gigantic outdoor lumber yard with all the stuff Home Depot and Lowe's have to special order for you.

For those of you not from the U.S., it's a building materials and hardware store larger than the King's Cross railway station in London.

Anyway, I was having a problem acquiring a particular product, and I could NOT find a clerk to help me. I wandered, I searched, I even tried shouting, "Hello, I need help over here!" to no avail.

So I called the store on my cell.

I told the guy who answered where I was and asked if he could send a clerk. He called a clerk on the walkie-talkie and sent him right out to me. "It'll be like OnStar," he said, teasing me. "I'll stay on the phone with you until he gets there. Just stay calm, ma'am - help is on the way!"

Worked a treat.

But, oy, what a commentary on modern America, where it's easier to phone for help when I'm actually standing in the store than it is to find a real live person.


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Andy Land said...

I tried something similar once in Vegas. I was trying to find the rent-a car place in the hotel. Unfortunately I got the 800 number operator and not someone anywhere near Vegas.

Came here via Pammy @ Lollygaggin. Will be back for sure.