Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday Tidbits: Hats, Alligators, and Bathrooms

I bought a new hat - two new hats, actually - at Bergner's last week. I love hats because no matter how much sunblock I wear, I still get burned. I started wearing hats at band camp in high school (yes, yes, Eyebrows went to band camp. Different post.), and realized the glory that IS a hat for keeping you cool and shady. Plus, they're retro in the best way, in that they're totally etiquette-acceptable still, but nobody else wears them, so they're always a conversation piece. Over the last 10 years, I've collected probably close to 20 hats, cloth ones I can soak with the hose and let drip on my head, packable panamas, big fancy formal hats I wear to weddings, felt fedoras, cute cloches ... I've got 'em all. Hats basically never wear out, and since they're not IN style, the styles don't really change.

So I picked up two new hats at Bergner's (on sale, of course!) for the summer season - a little cloth cloche for doing sweaty work in the garden, and a HUGE straw hat that is the BIGGEST HAT I HAVE EVER OWNED. I was super-excited, because I'm always looking for nice big brims that'll keep the sun off my face, and this one is HUGE. ENORMOUS. If I attached it firmly enough to my head (with hatpins, another terribly useful tool from a bygone era!), a stiff wind could cause me to achieve liftoff. I'm just delighted with this hat.

The toddler next door saw me in this hat, stopped in his tracks, and his eyes got really wide and he got a huge grin on his face. "HAT!" he announced, with uncommon conviction, as it was far and away the hugest hat he had ever seen. That's exactly how I feel about it. "HAT!"


Mr. McGee and I returned to Po' Boys for a second go, and I ATE ALLIGATOR. This is a big deal because I'm not very food-adventurous. Then followed a long discussion about whether alligators are water animals, since I refuse to eat anything that lives in the water. Whatever. It tasted like particularly savory chicken. Try it.

Followed up by the jambalaya which just made my belly so warm and happy I could have taken a nap right there.


There are apparently people in this world who clean their bathrooms EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know this because I stumbled across a web page for them while looking for something else entirely. I don't know exactly what's wrong with them, but I'm sure it's treatable with medication.


Tony said...

Cleaning bathrooms every day?!? Yikes... That is just plain freaky....

smiley said...

I grew up in Louisiana and alligators are common there. I had a great uncle who had some land that had a bayou running through it. He trained an alligator to come to his dock , and climb up on it, when he beat on the dock with a stick. He reinforced that behavior by feeding the gator raw chicken. I wonder if that gator ever bit a human (it didn't) it would have thought we tasted like chicken.

I've also eaten alligator. I didn't care for it much. There are many much tastier things that come from water. Like oysters! You are missing out.

Anonymous said...

I've had alligator before - tis tasty indeed.

I'm a little disturbed that there's an entire site for "large family logistics". It sounds like a business or something. It makes sense in a weird way, but still...

Anonymous said...

Oh - that last comment was from Garnet. Oops!

Steve [com W] said...

im disturbed by the idea ofchicken tasting alligator

dunno why