Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mmmm ... Decor

I was SO EXCITED yesterday because I popped by the Mission Mart as I was running unrelated errands. I like to poke my head in the Mission Mart every now and then because they usually have a) an entire set of Corelle that matches my grandmother's pattern, which I think everyone's mother or grandmother had, and b) a variety of interesting furniture. We decorated our basement rec room/nerd hole in a sort of 50s/60s "mod" design, courtesy of Target's collegiate decorating themes and of Mission Mart, where I've had very good luck with furniture I like to call "somebody's grandmother's chair." So yesterday I stuck my head in, and there was THE PERFECT UGLY ORANGE 60s CHAIR to match my pre-existing Mission Mart ugly orange 60s chair. So now I have a semi-matched set in my basement and it's wonderful! The other thing I love about Mission Mart is that they always tell me Jesus thanks me for my purchase. So now I feel like I not only have perfect ugly orange 60s chairs that belonged to somebody's dead grandmother, but I have perfect ugly orange 60s chairs that belong to somebody's dead grandmother THAT JESUS APPROVES OF.

Also, today my curtains should arrive, so my dining room picture window no longer provides theater to the neighborhood after dark, and I can go back to having naked dinner parties.

So it's a very exciting decor day for me. I didn't know I was so excited about decorating until I bought a house, and then suddenly furniture and curtains become, like, the most interesting topics on the entire planet. It's amazing.

And speaking of Target in passing, I was at Target the other day and overheard a man on his cell phone, speaking in Spanish. His caller apparently asked him where he was, and he responded, in Spanish, "Estoy en 'Tar-zhay.'" His caller asked, "What?" And he says, "Estoy en 'Tar-zhay'? Sabes? Target? Tar-zhay?"

It absolutely cracked me up that even in Spanish, people jokingly call it "Tar-zhay."

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Labrys6 said...

I love to call it "Tarzhay" drives a couple people I know nuts. Maybe it means I am nuts, lol, but not nuts enough to get an orange chair!! Orange is my least favorite color (except when on a bumblebee butt, but that is another topic entirely!)

I bet it does brighten up a basement though!