Friday, April 21, 2006

Gas Is Seriously Expensive!

Yesterday Mr. McGee had to back his car out of the garage, to get to the wheelbarrow and lawnmower, as the storage section of our garage is in the back and has no independent access.

The neighbors and I, having an over-the-fence chat, were shocked to see Mr. McGee (rather than starting up the car and backing it out like a normal person) roll down the window, pop the car into neutral, and, without starting it, PUSH THE CAR OUT OF THE GARAGE all by himself.

"Geez, McGee," my neighbor said, "Gas isn't THAT expensive!"

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-b said...

It is in California........especially if you decided to embrace the attempt at the resurgence of the American muscle car in modern day 6 liter high compression premium burning V-8 form before gas goes completely out of style.