Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finishing Mania! And the Battle for the Ice Planet Hoth

I'm currently in a mania for finishing things. I unpacked the last two boxes from our move (thus only leaving the boxes full of "things to donate" and the boxes I filled up with things from other boxes that I couldn't figure out where to put). Woohoo! That only took me 22 months! I'm putting away bits and pieces, finishing off the annoying bits of projects that sit around for six months, finishing a computer game I got bored of, sorting things that need to be sorted.

But the biggest part of my mania is books. Like most voracious readers, I have that pile of books that I started and didn't finish, or never started - I got bored, I got distracted, I got six other books and they were more interesting; it was the wrong book at the wrong time, or it ended up under the dresser and you couldn't locate it for six months. Whatever. My pile had gotten ridiculous - more than 30 books high when I centralized them all in one room and stacked them up. Since them I've been systematically reading my way through the pile. I've seen this blog thing where people read 50 books in a year and blog about them; I've read 50 books since February 1. I'm spending virtually every free moment ripping through books. Good thing there's nothing on television!

Because this is a pile of orts, my reading in the last two months has been wide-ranging. I read an occult mystery set in 1970s Georgetown, followed by a book on positive psychology (summation: thinking happy thoughts makes you a happier person), chased down by an economics-for-dummies type book. I've read three Margaret Atwoods since Feb. 1 - Handmaiden's Tale, Cat's Eye, and Blind Assassin - and I'm deep into the 800-page tome On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee (which I shall have to blog separately about, because it's making me the most annoying person on the planet and I LOVE it!). I can't read too much of that at once, since it's basically a science textbook, so between chapters I read entire other books. Right now I'm 4/5 of the way through a book on female Russian anarchists of the 1870s. Honestly I had no idea there were enough female Russian anarchists in the 1870s to make a book about them, but it's absolutely fascinating. I'm ashamed such an awesome book sat on my shelves unread for so long.

The timing has worked out well because Mr. McGee got a new Star Wars game for the X-Box, so I sit and read while he shoots at things. People keep asking me "Which Star Wars game?" (okay, mostly male people) when I mention this, and I therefore announce to the universe at large: I HAVE NO IDEA. Every Star Wars game in the history of the universe involves the battle on the ice planet Hoth, and they all involve flying snowspeeders round and round the AT-ATs trying to shoot the stupid grapple on their legs to make them trip. I have watched a variety of men I am related to by blood or marriage do this for HOURS in a variety of Star Wars games on virtually every gaming platform known to man for the last decade. They all look exactly the same.

I can't decide what's more pathetic: That every Star Wars game ever made appears to focus on the battle on the ice planet Hoth, or that I know they're called AT-ATs.

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Mahkno said...

What is worse is that pretty much all of the Star Wars games suck. They are proof positive that if you slap a Star Wars logo and paint job on something, people will buy it. Yeah this game sucks but ... but... I can fly snowspeeders !!!!