Friday, March 10, 2006

The Cats Learn a New Trick

My cats have learned to cooperate. Orange Cat, who can't open doors, now sits outside closed rooms he's not allowed to be in (what with his uncertain bladder) and cries until Grey Cat, who can open doors, comes and opens the door for him. Then Orange Cat goes in and Grey Cat goes back to whatever he was doing before Orange Cat sent out the door alert.

I find this a little alarming.


Dana (caryatid) said...

OH! My dogs used to do things like that all the time. Drove me NUTS!

We had Angus (beagle, "scent hound") and Payton, (part greyhound, "sight hound")

If Angus couldn't smell it, it didn't exist. Same with Payton and sight. We started putting our trash in the really tall rubbermaid cans, which Payton couldn't see into...but Gus-gus could still smell it. He would go up to it and bark once. Payton would come along and knock it down for him before going back to sleep.

Annoying when it came to trash, it was amazing to watch the hunt jack rabbits, or the neighbor's peacocks. Gus would follow the trail, flush it out for Payton to chase..and then the idiot would KEEP Following the trail! Payton and the rabbit would be racing all over the yard, with Gus right behind them, plodding along, nose to the ground, oblivious.

LyricFox said... of my dachshunds used to help his buddies. If someone was locked in the metal crate on the first story and wanted out, Conor would come open the door for him/her.

Ditto if someone wanted in a room that was gated off with one of those gates held to the door frames by pressure. He'd yank it off so his friend could go through.

Very helpful of him. I could have killed him. :)