Monday, February 06, 2006

Super-Weekend Tidbits

Far and away the best Superbowl commercial was the Bud Light magic fridge commercial. That was HILARIOUS. Most people seem not to have liked the Burger King dancing ingredient girls, but I thought it was kinda funny, particularly how when they landed on the patty they'd all grunt. It was just surreal, and surreal makes me laugh. I also liked the streaking sheep for Budweiser and I thought the FedEx cavemen were hysterical, primarily because a dude getting smushed by a giant elephant foot will get me every time. (Note that I do not, however, intend to ship with FedEx just because they made me giggle. They're still utterly incompetent, totally unresponsive, and obviously untrustworthy with important documents.)

The worst ones, I thought, were GoDaddy and ESPN Mobile. GoDaddy's was just LAME. ESPN Mobile's made me SAD, and made me NOT want the product. Here's this guy walking through a world where incredibly cool things are going on all around him, basketball games and gymnastics and skateboarding and baseball ... and he's just walking along, staring at his phone, totally oblivious to the wonder around him. So engaged with his tiny digital world on the 2" screen that he can't see the amazing REAL world that's literally turning backflips to get his attention. If Camus wanted to write a scathing indictment of modern human disconnection from one another and the emptiness of the human soul in the telecommunications era, HE WOULD HAVE MADE THAT COMMERCIAL. ESPN obviously needs to hire a few more liberal arts grads who could let them know that their commercial was alarmingly off-message. Frankly, the commercial almost made me want to get rid of ALL my mobile telecommunications technology and re-engage more fully with the world.


I finally saw The 40-Year-Old Virgin. I thought it would be a pretty vulgar movie, which isn't really my thing; I don't do gross-out humor, so I didn't think Something about Mary was as funny as the other 99% of America seemed to. Now, Virgin was pretty vulgar in that it used the big-daddy F-word every three words and discussed sex acts so dirty that I had to go look them up on wikipedia despite having been in high school and college during the Clinton era.

But overall, it was a really sweet movie. I felt uplifted when it was over! The virgin himself is a big-ass geek, but he's humanized, he has nice qualities and an inner life and he stays true to that while he learns from his oversexed friends how to get women. And the oversexed friends who initially pity him come to appreciate him as well and learn from HIM. The characters were incredibly well-rounded for a movie that made me laugh so hard I actually pulled a muscle in my back.


The cats are now fixated on hotwings. Not just the chicken part, but they both deliberately lick at the spicy covering part. We generally let them sniff around some of the bones when we're done, sometimes they pick off some bits of chicken, but at some point they tasted the hot sauce and now they seriously are ready to climb up us to get to our hotwings. One tried to stage a stealth assault on the table where the hotwing box was sitting. Every time I open the fridge to get a drink, they both come galloping and try to get IN THE FRIDGE at the hotwing leftovers.

I'm not sure if this says something alarming about my cats or about my hotwings.

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HeartShadow said...

I've got a cat that absolutly loves, and will eat straight, the horseradish sauce that comes with onion rings from Burger King! no interest in the rings, just the sauce.

I'm gonna keep her away from hotwings now!