Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Donna Reed

I had a Donna Reed moment this afternoon, while making Devil's Food Cake and my specialty extra-fudgie frosting from scratch for Mr. McGee's birthday (he's 29 tomorrow). It was just so housewifely of me!

Except I don't think Donna Reed ever baked while rocking out to Candee Jay and Shakira on her iPod.

(This, in turn, makes me grateful that my kitchen windows don't face the street. I don't think my neighbors need to see me whip out my best Travolta moves when Gloria Gaynor comes on.)


pollypeoria said...

Care to share your recipie for "extra-fudgie frosting" with the rest of the class? Sounds quite tasty. Chocolate. Love chocolate. Me need some chocolate. CHOCOLATE NOW OR DIE, BUSTER!!!

(Sorry. Just a little PMS moment there...)

Eyebrows McGee said...

It's actually quite easy:

Extra-Fudgie Frosting
12 oz. (1 pkg.) semi-sweet chocolate nestle morsels
1/4 c. butter (REAL butter, no margerine or substitutes; they don't cream quite the same way)
3ish cups confectioner's sugar
1/2 cup milk - the fatter the milk, the better the frosting creams, though it will work with skim.

Using a double boiler (or, if you're me, a pot inside another pot) over warm water (DO NOT BOIL!), melt together chocolate chips and butter, stirring with spatula or wooden spoon. Right as they melt to consistency, remove from heat (or the moisture will melt out and it'll start getting hard).

Put chocolate mix in bowl, and add 1/2 c. milk and 3ish cups of 10x sugar. Mix through (by hand - I like a fork). If too thin, add more sugar. If too thick, at more milk, 1 tsp. or so at a time.

Allow to cool slightly before frosting. This is a pretty thick frosting, so you probably want to frost before letting it cool all the way, but if it's too hot, it melts right off the cake!

It's so rich it might kill you, but you'll die happy.

Eyebrows McGee said...

I should say, when you add the chocolate/butter mix to the milk & sugar, it initially looks frightening and awful and like something has gone horribly wrong. You have to mix it for a minute or two before it acts like it's going to actually grow up to be frosting.

pollypeoria said...

10x sugar? What is that? My Significant Others Birthday is Friday. I'm going to chanel Donna Reed, June Cleaver, and Claire Huxtable and attempt this.

Eyebrows McGee said...

10x sugar is another name for confectioner's or powdered sugar, allegedly b/c the particles are 10 times finer than regular sugar particles, which makes them dissolve more easily in liquids (like milk) with no grainy feeling. Ergo perfect for frostings.

Let me know how it turns out!

pollypeoria said...

OMG!!! Yummy stuff! PMS demand that I make two batches- as only a tablespoon of the first batch actually made it on to the cake.

That handy knowledge about powdered sugar... Uhm, did that come from one of your courses for the Masters in theology or from Torts class in law school? Just wondering.

Love, Paulina