Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sim-Eyebrows Does Not Like Her Sim-Husband

I picked up a copy of The Sims Complete Collection, since it's really cheap now that Sims2 has come out. I mostly like playing with The Sims in order to build and decorate houses (in other words, "rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!"), but since I now have my very own Sims, I decided to make a Sim-Eyebrows and a Sim-Mr. McGee and build them a little house and have them live happily together. So I made a little Sim-me and gave it my personality, and a little Sim-him and gave it his, plunked them down in a starter castle, and made them start chatting and flirting and so forth, so they could get married and all.

Unfortunately, they HATE each other. Every time one interacts with the other, they both get really pissed off.

So sorry, Mr. McGee - The Sims doesn't think we're compatible. Sim-me really can't stand Sim-you, and Sim-you really needs to stop trying to put the moves on Sim-me if Sim-you wants to stop getting sim-slapped!


HeartShadow said...

that's just too funny!

I made a sim-me and a sim-hubby once. they spawned instantly, and then the baby was taken away because sim-hubby couldn't take parenting. :)

labrys6 said...

Thats just frightening! Scares me to think what it would make of the Minotaur and me, lol....three completely different astrological systems have declared us the worst match on earth! Maybe you Sims need to build a patio together to aid bonding?