Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Linkage

Two new links down on the left there:

First, Lee Smith's Law Life blog, by a Peoria attorney about national legal issues, local law and politics, and the life of a lawyer. Meant to add him ages ago but I always have so much trouble messing with my template!

Second, I've finally added one of my favorite local bloggers, Peoria Dad, who writes the Greater Peoria Blog. I prefer to call him P-Daddy (since he's in a band and, well, I don't know, sometimes these lame nicknames just occur). He appears to have dubbed me the furry-eyed one, which gives me alarming mental pictures about eyeballs with hair. Anyway, P-Daddy writes a great blog (and plays for a great band), despite the fact that he cheers for evil, evil sports teams.

Soonish I'll probably have to split my blog links into Peoria blogs and not-Peoria blogs, but rearranging my template nearly always ends badly, so I think I'll wait until I have a couple days off to screw it up without being rushed about it!


Star said...

*pokepoke* If you need help with the template, do feel free to ask. Divinding up the links something I can do pretty quickly (especially since I still have access to modify your template), so if it'll save you a lot of stress and trouble I'd be happy to help out. :)

Labrys6 said...

On the new levels of dork post...oh, oh, I laughed so hard! But hey, I did NOT cough this time---so that constitutes a near miracle.

So, dude, when IS Easter this year? Inquiring heretical, calendar lacking minds what to know? ;-)

PeoriaDad said...

Thanks for the link, EB, but you should probably loose it now. Had to go away...