Monday, January 30, 2006

I Like to Say "Salsa"

The problem with trying to lose weight is that when the question is, "Would I rather fit in this adorable skirt in six weeks, or would I rather eat these chips and salsa now?" the answer is always, "Chips and salsa. Now."


PeoriaDad said...

And can I have a side of guac with that?

Star said...

Well, so have some chips and salsa. Just don't overindulge. :) 15 chips and 1/4 cup of salsa is around 180 calories or so; that's a decent afternoon snack if you're not eating really heavy the rest of the day either.

And, hey, if nothing else at least those are relatively healthy calories. I mean, it's essentially a bunch of veggies--corn, tomatoes, peppers, onions... It's not like this is soda, where it's just empty calories. The sodium can get a little high if you're not careful, but otherwise... Personally, if I'm gonna overdo it, I'd rather do so on chips and salsa than on candy or soda or something.

Star said...

Whoops. Not 180 calories. I just noticed that somehow the item I was using to calculate that assumes that there is LARD used in making the salsa. Say what?

Make it more like 140, which is even better.

pollypeoria said...

I feel your pain, Eyebrows. Have you tried the chips with a "hint of lime?" Good stuff. Also, Sam's Club sells fresh salsa, not canned, excellent and not too expensive.

Of course, I notice that my thighs clap even as I TYPE -not walk- these days.

Does anyone really buy that "more of me to love" line? If so, can you send 'em my way?