Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Horrible Animal Deaths

My mother is making me watch March of the Penguins, in which scores of penguins die in horrible ways that also doom their partners and/or chicks, to the soothing narration of Morgan Freeman's voice.

This reminds me of when she made me read The Yearling and told me it was a classic novel and I'd love it and then the boy has to shoot his pet fawn. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS TO ME?


Labrys6 said...

We watched this over the holiday break, too. I thought the photography was strikingly beautiful.
But all those little penguin chick lumps on the ice about did me in.

PeoriaDad said...

That movie (Yearling) slayed me as a kid. And so did Charlotte's Web. When that spider died...well! You couldn't sponge my face dry for days.

But the wierd thing about being a boy is that, at the same age, I could hike in the woods with my pellet gun for hours and shoot anything that moved. Just for the sport of it. I killed more birds than I can possibly remember -- for no other reason than the shear joy of shooting things.

I had an otherwise healthy, happy childhood (I think I might be one of five or six people who did). But that's one more weird dichotomy that sticks out to me now.

It's just part of being a boy, I guess. The hunter gene's hard wired into the system.

...and that went a wee off-topic.