Monday, November 07, 2005

Adventures in Tool Rental

Scene: Eyebrows, yellow pages open before her, calls a tool rental company.

Me: I'd like to rent a rear-tine tiller.
Person: Okay.
Long silence.
Me: So when can I get that then?
Person, after another extended silence: Thirty dollars.
Person, at random in the silence while I try to decode this: You need a pick-up truck
Me: For a rear-tine or for any tiller? Because I have a hatchback.
Person: Twenty dollars.
Me: What?
Person: If you want a midtine it's twenty dollars.
Me: Does that fit in a hatchback?
Person, after an extended silence: It doesn't need a pickup.
Me, who was told yesterday she needed to reserve them at a specific time when she called the same shop for a quote: So what time should I get that?
Person: Okay.
Long silence.
Me: I said, do I need a reservation time or can I just come in?
Person: Just come in, we might have them
Me: Um, okay, bye.
Person: Okay.

The company is named "Call-a-Tool."

Indeed I did. Indeed I did.

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