Monday, October 24, 2005

"No Blogging"

Last night my husband and I were making out during the commercials of Crossing Jordan, and he looked deep into my eyes and said, in a husky, romantic voice, "No blogging."

I think Mr. McGee does not appreciate his fame.

I laughed at him, and he asked if I really wanted my family reading about our kissing. I pointed out that since we were married, I believed it was actually legal in all fifty states for us to smooch during commercials and, moreover, that my family was aware that as married people, we probably engaged in hand-holding, kissing, and perhaps even some cuddling from time to time.

In fact, we engaged in some interdigitation and osculation before we were even married! The first Christmas Mr. McGee spent with my family, we had gotten engaged a few months earlier and spent pretty much all our free time smooching, to the disgust of my siblings and parents. They confined themselves to dirty looks and the occasional snide comment --

Except for my youngest brother.

He was eleven at the time, which meant that cooties were seriously contagious and kissing was about the grossest thing known to man. We were having a smooch session on the couch in the family room while watching TV (everyone else was off somewhere else), when suddenly I hear a thin, deep voice, a pre-teen forcing his voice down into the basso profundo region, announce, "Jesus is watching you!" in portentous tones.

I open my eyes and prepare to issue some sisterly chastisement, when I see, floating over my then-fiance's shoulder, a little Jesus figurine, which my brother had stolen from the nativity scene, dancing in the air. And my youngest brother's gleefully evil face, right behind the watchful baby Jesus.

I laughed so hard I almost broke something.

So successful was this gambit that he has tried it several times at Christmases since when he catches us kissing, but now that we're married, I think even baby Jesus is okay with us smooching.


Anonymous said...

Mr. McGee is right. Jesus is watching you. NO PDA on blog. Eyebrows' mother.

Eyebrows McGee said...

It's okay with Jesus, really. That's why we had the wedding in a church.

Anonymous said...

All PDA. All the time! Go Eyebrows! Jesus approves and so do we... details!