Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fall Back Day

I love Fall Back Day. I get extra sleep AND I feel really virtuous for getting up before 7 a.m. (when of course my body thinks it's almost 8, but what does it know?)

The cats, on the other hand, not such fans - food was delayed by an entire hour. I think they'll have nervous breakdowns tonight, since they usually start getting frantic about dinner two hours before it's time, and tonight they'll be waiting three!

I would prefer, however, to live in a place where time doesn't change, like Indiana, where I went to college. It just rules not having to deal with it, and now I'm really resentful that I have to change all the clocks since I lived four years without dealing with that. (On the other hand, primetime shifted by an hour when the time didn't change and that was very confusing for my TV-watching habits.) I hear Indiana is going to start changing time now. Fie on them! Worst idea ever! Stay strong, Indiana! Don't change your clocks!


caryatid said...

Since (my home state) Indiana jumped on the time-wagon, Arizona is your only other choice in the cont. U.S.

What's really strange is that AZ doesn't observe DST, but the Navajo Nation does. It makes road trips very interesting. :)

Star said...

Insert rant about Indiana going to DST next year here... I'm sure you've heard it enough already. *G*