Saturday, October 22, 2005

Christmas Day - Observed

We got the 2006 county court schedule a couple days ago, which lists holidays for which the court is closed.

For 2006, the court is closed on Monday, Dec. 25 for "Christmas Eve - Observed" and on Tuesday, Dec. 26 for "Christmas Day - Observed."

Government. Run. Amok.

What's wrong with "Christmas - and a spare day because we always give you two at Christmas and Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday"? I mean, the courts are closed for "Thanksgiving" and "Day Following" not "Thanksgiving Eve - Observed" and "Thanksgiving - Observed." What's so wrong with "Christmas" and "Day Following" when Christmas Eve falls on a weekend?

With all the "Observed" holidays in the U.S. (Columbus Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, MLK Day), I honestly never ever thought I'd see "Christmas - Observed. I figured that was one holiday that was safe from the virus of "Observed."

What's next - "Fourth of July - Observed" ... on the fifth???

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Phoibos said...

Actually, if Independence Day falls on a weekend, I do believe most places will have "Independence Day Observed" on the Friday or Monday next to it. I wouldn't be surprised if some joker (or non-observant person) listed it as "4th of July Observed".