Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bellybutton Lint Must Go! -- And LaHood on Fuel Efficiency

Eyebrows is going to join Polly Peoria's Crusade against Bellybutton Lint. Because, let's face it, she's right: That stuff is flammable!

I spent about half an hour today researching the scooter ordinance which, while it remains appallingly overbroad, does not impact my beloved Vespas. I don't own one yet, but I will, and it would be shockingly difficult to create a scooter gang if Peoria didn't let me ride a scooter.

Although I have to wonder why Peoria's going to all the trouble to outlaw these energy-efficient mini-vehicles that people could clearly commute the uber-short distances in Peoria on, when even SUV-driving, Alaska-drilling Ray LaHood is complaining bitterly about gas prices and their impact on central Illinois families, and deploring the current energy bill for not raising fuel efficiency standards.

LaHood claims to drive the SUV because it's safe. LaHood has been sold a bill of goods, as they're more dangerous for both the occupants AND the other drivers on the roads. It's a little disturbing that our congresscritter can't even evaluate basic safety data on his own passenger vehicle. In addition to his own inability to evaluate the data, he also seems never to have heard of Consumer Reports, which has been independently evaluating and reporting on the danger of SUVs for years.

Now, LaHood is clearly one of the brigher bulbs in Congress. So is it any wonder most legislation coming out of Washington is a moronic mess when even its brighter members can't manage to evaluate basic consumer safety data when it pertains to their own and their families' safety?

Maybe we could just get him a motorized scooter - although then he wouldn't be able to visit Peoria anymore.

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