Monday, October 03, 2005

Ass Update

My ass is better. Moreover, I have milked my broken coccyx for all the sympathy I can get out of it (my, does that sound obscene), so even if it still hurt I'd lie about it to you. But it doesn't hurt anymore, really, unless I lift really heavy loads. This is kind-of a good thing because we're laying a brick patio next weekend or the weekend after, and that's definitely the kind of work I prefer to watch my sexy sweaty husband do than have to participate in myself.

I didn't think I'd get tired of people walking up to me and asking, "How's your butt?" But in point of fact, even my puerile mind eventually got tired of hearing the word "butt" in every conversation I had. There are only so many interesting things to say about coccyxes. (Coccyxices? Coccyices? Coccyges?)

So my ass is healed; let its fan club rejoice. And not a moment too soon, since it's time for my fall allergy shot, and you know where they give me that?

In my ass.


Anonymous said...
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Eyebrows McGee said...

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