Monday, September 12, 2005

Sick Cat

My Orange Cat just got diagnosed with diabetes, and with a bladder inflammation issue, so the poor thing is peeing blood and has to stay in the kitty hospital a few days while they work on his bladder and get his insulin going. My car is in the car hospital getting its ghetto-fabulous rear window fixed, and my butt is still in the butt-hospital (i.e., the cushion with a hole in it), so all in all, I'm a little overwhelmed today and consequently not feeling very blogtastic.

Sort-of having a Garfield Monday. I didn't even get any good junk mail.

We'll get our Orange Cat back Wednesday or Thursday and at that time I'll learn to stick him with needles, which may in fact make me vomit. I cope well with almost all parts of modern medicine but shots freak me out - not because of the needle, but because I hate seeing things go under the skin (horror movies where some alien burrows into the dude's skin ... *shudder*). My uncle pointed out the cat has fur so I won't see it, which is true and may in fact help. Plus I'm relatively tough when it comes to people (and critters) I love, so hopefully I'll only freak out the first few times.

Grey Cat is a little forlorn because a) we took Orange Cat out in his cat carrier for a car ride, which Grey Cat LOVES and Orange Cat HATES and Grey Cat is very miffed about it, and b) we didn't bring Orange Cat back. I'm not sure if he's trying to convince me not to sell him to roadside vagrants or if he just wants to go wherever Orange Cat went because the car is always fun, but he's been trying to be my best buddy all afternoon.

Also, compared to the neurotic, diabetic, bladder-infected, one-eyed, no-tailed Orange Cat, Grey Cat, who is just missing the one eye and thinks he's a human, is positively normal by comparison.

Sometimes I think my main role as a niece is to make my childless aunts and uncles happy about their decision, since I frantically IMed my uncle who is married to a vet to bombard him with what were ostensibly questions for his wife but was really just a vast spewing of stress in his general direction, because I was too upset/stressed to listen to what the vet told me on the phone very well (I made him call Mr. McGee because Mr. McGee is better at getting info when upset than I am, and asks lawyerly questions, whereas I just get overwhelmed and forget). I think my uncle was thinking, "Thank God I don't have one of those, because apparently they remain full of angst long after the teenaged years are gone."

To my angst-related credit, however, I called my mom - who copes with me crying quite well - and not my dad, who does not cope with my crying well at all, to be weepy about the Orange Cat.

And now Mr. McGee, the best husband ever, has walked in the house with a legal pad full of well-organized diabetes information from his half-hour discussion with the vet! Hooray for litigators!

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Angela said...

Yeah, litigators have their moments... when they aren't cross examinig their spouses.