Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Out and About

They've installed new crosswalk signals all over Peoria, the ones that count down for you. Now every time I pull up to a red light, it's like New Year's Eve: "TEN! ... NINE! ... EIGHT! ... SEVEN! ..." and so forth. When it gets down to "ONE!" I'm always expecting screams, music, and confetti. A green light seems like something of a letdown.

But it's definitely more festive driving around town with the New Year's countdown going on all the time.


While waiting at one of these red lights at a major intersection today, I saw a Monarch butterfly flitter through the intersection above all the cars, time suspended on its wings, flashing orange in the late summer sun.

I hope everyone else saw it; it was a single flittering moment where heaven broke through the smog.

We've planted some native plants in the backyard - primarily a gardeny variety of milkweek that looks more floral, less weedy - and as a consequence we've had a steady procession of Monarchs all summer long. It's a wonder I get any work done since every time I see one I have to stop and stare, mesmerized, until I can't see it any longer, and the milkweeds are right outside my office window.


They're renovating my grocery store. I hate this because I grocery shop entirely by rote. Any time they move a product or change the packaging, my brain melts down and I can't FIND anything. I spent a good twenty minutes at the grocery store today trying to locate the microwave popcorn. And they've now moved the wine section twice. It's not enough that the produce section is full of things I can't identify and have never heard of; now they keep moving the prepackaged food that has explanations on the box so that I can't find it anymore.

I'm looking into taking up grazing, like a horse. It'd cut down on the lawnmowing, too.


Orange Cat comes home this afternoon, and this afternoon I shall learn how to give him shots, if I don't actively pass out at the vet's office when I have to use the needle. I went to the compounding pharmacy to pick up his bladder medicine, which is in transdermal gel form (you put it on the ears and it soaks in) because he's a champion pill-puker. I love going to the compounding pharmacy because it seems like such an anachronism, a pharmacy where they actually MAKE THE DRUGS right there. Chemistry in action. I love it. It seems so much more medical when they have to make the drug special and it comes in fancy-looking special formats and containers, instead of coming in branded pills and branded boxes and bottles that are as much about building your loyalty to Zocor or Prilosec as about curing what ails you. So hooray for Preckshot, a little bit of medicine that has survived the advertising age intact, a little bit of chemistry working its magic to make my feline buddy healthy again.

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