Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Butt Gets Mail

Since I broke my tailbone, my butt has been getting its own e-mail from concerned friends of my ass. It's gotten a LOT since I blogged about it. My best friend says this is creepy and I need to stop referring to my butt as if it is a separate entity. But I didn't start it! It gets its own mail!

My butt thanks you all for your concern. My butt wishes to inform you all that it is feeling somewhat better, although still sore.

My butt also wishes to let you know there will neither be a press conference nor photo ops. Definitely not photo ops.


Anonymous said...
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Eyebrows McGee said...

Wow, look at that, now my butt gets blog spam too.

Sorry, but my tush has no debt to consolidate.

Firefly said...

What, no photos? Well, damn! ;-)

Butt blog spam ... now does that get a recipe? If so, I'm scared what that might be.

Sara said...

We would like to know whether your butt plans to run for president, and if so, has it chosen a campaign manager?