Monday, August 01, 2005

Why Did the Melon Get Married?

Because he can't elope, of course.

We have discovered that my orange cat, Sherman, is crazy for cantaloupe. He's not very interested in people-food generally - he likes to lick the bowl after we eat ice cream, and he does go a little nuts after my yogurt - but generally he's not into it. He's a mellow cat anyway, sleeps a lot, purrs a lot, snores a lot. Not very active.

Then he smelled the cantaloupe.

He was trying to climb up my husband to get to the cantaloupe. My husband extended his arm up above his head to keep the bowl away ... and Sherman kept trying to climb.

We finally gave in and gave Sherman a little piece on the floor. Sometimes the smell just intrigues them and they don't actually want to eat it. Oh no. Sherman WOLFED down that little orange bit of melon, and started climbing my husband again for more. This kept up until all the cantaloupe was gone.

My other cat could not have cared less.

This is particularly funny because my parents also have an orange cat, Riley, who's a cantaloupe freak. He goes dumpster diving (okay, kitchen-trash-can diving) to get at cantaloupe rinds. Fruit salad cannot be left on the table unattended, even if it's covered. He will chew through plastic to get at cantaloupe.

It must be something in the genes. Whatever it is that makes them orange makes them want to eat orange, fleshy melon. Mmmm, cantaloupe!

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Robophish said...

Riles hasn't done that in months...