Thursday, August 18, 2005

Oh, wait ...

We have a long peninsular counter in our kitchen, with an eat-in spot. We hardly ever use it to eat at, or for food prep, but it's right next to the back door as we come in from the garage, so it serves as a dump zone for my purse, my husband's take-home work, and anything we happen to bring in from our cars.

Mr. McGee has a habit of dropping things in strange places (and then frequently forgetting where he put them), or of getting distracted mid-task and leaving anything that was in his hands at the moment of distraction on the nearest flat surface. We're getting ready for a houseguest this weekend, so I've reminded Mr. McGee to pick up after himself and try to clean a little every day (because we both hate doing major last-minute clean-ups, blah blah Heloise blah).

So imagine my chagrin when I come into the kitchen today and discover his SWEATY MAN-SHIRT sitting on my kitchen counter!

"What is WRONG with him?" I demanded of the room at large. "Who leaves a sweaty workout shirt on the kitchen counter when it's five more steps to either the basement stairs or the laundry chute? Who thinks this is a good idea?"

Much disgruntled, I snatched the shirt and spun on my heel to march it right to the laundry chute.

"Oh, wait ..." I said to myself, as I glanced at the shirt I was about to send down the chute. "This is MY shirt. Huh. I wonder why I left my sweaty workout shirt on the kitchen counter. Who does that?"

Me, apparently. Oh well. I was about to clean the counter anyway, and maybe I'll give Mr. McGee a pass the next time he leaves something in a weird and annoying place.

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Samantha said...

Chris does the same thing with his glasses. We have found those damn things in some seriously wierd places.

And you have a laundry chute? That is SO cool! I always wanted one of those as a kid!