Monday, August 01, 2005

Illinois State Goverment: Nickle and Diming Citizens to Ruin

It's kind-of annoying that to renew my license plates online, I have to pay a $1.75 convenience fee, when clearly they're saving employee time and money by not having to manually open the mailed envelope, manually process the payment, and manually enter the information. The computer does all the work, but it costs me $1.75? I hate it when companies and/or state agencies charge ME for saving them money.

I would have mailed it in but the official envelope you have to use that they sent me got just destroyed in the mail and clearly would not keep my check enclosed in it. And I don't think they like you to tape them up since they have to send the pages into computers and eventually back to you. The other option is to go to the DMV, and it's worth a lot more to me than $1.75 to avoid the DMV, particularly in the stinky summer heat.

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