Monday, July 11, 2005

Man vs. Nature, Part Deux

I planted a garden bed in my backyard that is meant to draw birds and butterflies and other wildlife, so that I can watch them out my office window from my desk. Not that I can't anyway, since my backyard is apparently the urban version of "Wild Kingdom," but whatever. I want to feed the birds (tuppence a bag and all that) and watch them from my window. And give my cats something to watch from the window.

The problem with this otherwise perfect plan is that the rabbits are not understanding the part about "If you eat the entire delphinium now, there will be no delphinium for you to eat later." You can't reason with a bunny. You can't explain to him that he needs to wait until the delphinium is taller than he is so it has leaves he can't reach and can keep growing even if he keeps nibbling on it.

After watching the bunnies gnaw on my tender baby plants, I finally realized I had to take action, and I bought a roll of little 18" high wire fencing to stick in the ground around my baby plants until they're taller than the bunnies and can survive the rabbity depredations. I stuck it in the ground (okay, I mostly made my husband do it) and I watched from my window as the bunnies approached and were entirely puzzled by my new fence.

"Ha ha, Nature! Who's your daddy now?? Huh? Huh?"

Thank God I got a quarter million dollar education that just about makes me intelligent enough to outsmart lagomorphs with brains the size of walnuts (and gloat about it), because not 20 minutes later, I saw one of those little rabbits figure out he could squeeze through the fence if he really, really, really wanted to eat my delphiniums.

Back to the drawing board. These opposable thumbs are not turning out to be quite the advantage I had imagined.

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Jen said...

Hey Eyebrows,
I had a pet bunny a few years back (who was attacked by a fox in our backyard, talk about Wild Kingdom). We used to let him out in the backyard, and he liked to eat the plants in our garden too. I did some research and discovered that bunnies do not like marigolds. So we planted some marigolds (which I happen to like anyway) and lo and behold, bunny avoidance! Now this is not to say that a bunny couldn't simply WALK THROUGH the dandelions, or that yours won't, just that our (somewhat lazy) rabbit seemed not to like the smell, and henceforth avoided our garden. If you like marigolds, perhaps you should plant some.