Friday, July 22, 2005

Kind of a Murphy's Law Day

Nothing went exactly wrong, just everything kinda veered off in a different direction than originally intended.

I went to get a pedicure - it goes so nice with my 70 pairs of shoes - and told the girl I just wanted red toenails. (I'd had pink most recently, and red seems nice for the heat of summer.) She was rather pouty about this - she wanted to do a colorful french manicure. Or designs. Or something. I felt bad, so finally I gave in and let her paint flowers on my big toes. They're cute, but ... I have flowers on my big toes. This kind of thing actually happens to me a lot - I hate saying no to people performing personal services! This is why I cut my own hair- I'd never be able to refuse when the stylist wanted to do things I didn't want.

Then I hit Target to buy an 8-quart pot, as my kitchen has a gap between the 3-qt. saucepan and the 30-qt. lobster pot. Nothing in between. And as I don't cook lobsters, I'm not really sure what the lobster pot is good for when there's just me and my husband, not a family of 12 to make chili for, but whatever. Everyone should own at least one giganto pot, I guess. So I went to Target in search of an 8-quart pot. I ended up buying a whole lot of things that most manifestly were NOT 8-quart pots but rather resembled table linens. A pot was practically the only thing I didn't buy at Target, and probably only because they were sold out.

I can't really blame Murphy for my next snafu; I was thinking about a wedding I have to attend in a few weeks and decided to try on one of the dresses I was considering, as I haven't worn it in a couple years. Pulled it on, zipped it up, was satisfied with it -- and then recalled it was not the kind of dress I can get back off without help. And of course, nobody else was home but the cats. (And even if they could help, their claws are not getting near my silk!) Much wriggling and hopping about later, with the dress over my head so I couldn't see, I managed to extricate myself. I sincerely hope I didn't hop past any open windows.

Oh well. At least I have pretty toes.

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