Saturday, July 09, 2005

Feline Love

Last night I was in a bit of a grump, feeling sorry for myself and hating the world while lying on the couch.

My grey cat, Jack, came up and gave me a solid, loving headbutt to the forehead. "Oh, Jack," I said to him, "you're the only one who loves and understands me." He just knew I was in a funk and he just knew to come comfort me with a headbutt.

Well-pleased with his accolades from the food-bringer (that's me) and purring madly, he turned around on my chest and plunked himself down on me - cat butt right into my face.

Taken aback - this was my love and appreciation? - I shifted his position ... which resulted in a back leg, supporting 20 pounds of cat, on my windpipe. He didn't like the shift, so resettled himself with his rear leg in my mouth.

Nothing breaks me out of a blue spell like a little unconditionally selfish love. Particularly when it smells like cat butt.

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