Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Eyebrows Is a Sitcom Waiting to Happen

So I finally got this letter off for one of my clients, to the most irritating opponent in the world. I had to keep rewriting it to take out my obvious annoyance. Took forever. When I finally finished, I was filled with unholy glee. With my unholy glee in hand, I turned to my to-do list to cross "Client X Letter" off my list with a viciousness of pen I usually reserve for stabbing inappropriate users of the possessive to death. ("Apostrophe Clearance Sale! All Apostrophe's Must Go!") I start scanning down the list ...

Ground Beef
Red Wine Vinegar

... and it takes me a moment of extreme puzzlement to figure out that that's my grocery list, not my to-do list.

I can so see it as an episode of Home Improvement, can't you? Jill leaves Tim a to-do list when she goes out of town for the weekend, and Tim ends up taking the grocery list instead. Tool-related chaos ensues! Fun for the whole family!

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Star said...

*starts giggling, finds can't stop, eventually falls over*